A new love affair

When we start to get involved in a new  relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend, etc) we think about them a lot. We might even go so far as to call out sick and play hookey to spend time with them, or maybe take a day off of work during the week and have a nice picnic with them in the park. It is how we impress them, subconsciously stating that “I am available and you are important to me”.

I have decided to take a few days off to make this a long weekend to spend time with Suzy. The weather here is damn-near perfect. The temperature is in the mid 60’s during the day, crisp cool air, the leaves on the  trees are exploding with color and there are 10,000 places begging to be explored. Roads are getting a fresh tarmac in preparation for a snowy winter, and anyone who has had the pleasure will agree that a freshly paved road is pure gold when riding a bike.

I am excited to be out there on the bike instead of in the office on a Friday or a Monday. Instead of conference calls, I  will be yelling “car back” up the line. Instead of meeting reminders I will be signaling turns. Instead of stress causing my blood pressure to go up, I will be climbing hills, causing my heart to race.  Instead of deadlines, I will be holding the line.  I won’t spend time looking at network diagrams and Microsoft Outlook, I will be looking out over a landscape of autumn color from the top of local climbs.

Here’s to this weekend!