Goodbye 2016

According to valuable and reputable sources (the Internet of course), 2016 by all accounts was a disaster. It was fraught with bad news, celebrity deaths, hard choices, media mishaps and fiery presidential debates. We won’t even discuss the riots, looting, court cases, war, famine, etc. The list goes on and on, and so do the Internet Memes about the horrors of 2016, and how 2017 will be a fresh start.

I don’t necessarily buy in to the hoopla about that, but I can guess that there is a sigh of relief as 2016 drew to a close and Mariah Carey dropped the mic at the New Years EveĀ ball. Additionally, I guess there are probably a lot of New Years Resolutions. I forgot to make any. In fact, I fell asleep laying on the couch, my wife in the love seat and daughter on the recliner. At ten after midnight my wife woke up and said “Hey, we all missed it!”. True story, none of us stayed awake.

But with that done and over with, my goals haven’t changed. Lose weight, ride more, be a better person, end world hunger, invent(ed) a time machine, andĀ  putting on underwear BEFORE I put on pants. (I really have to write that one down sometimes)

My advice to all of you? Keep it up. Whatever it is you do well, keep doing what you’re doing. For those things you do poorly, fix it or quit doing it. Insanity is defined by doing the same actions over and over expecting different results.

For you, I will try to be the sanest person I know.