Slower is faster

This past weekend was the Cape Cod Getaway for Bike MS. This 150 mile ride over 2 days is usually considered a more fun ride than a difficult ride, and since the ride is relatively flat (only about 3000 ft of hills over the 75 or 100 mile routes on each day), we tend to cruise quickly.

This year though, since my buddy and I have both been cycling less, we decided to just take it easy, and not to push too hard. Here are very interesting facts that we discovered:

  1. We saw parts of the course we had never noticed before.
  2. We talked a lot more while riding.
  3. We didn’t need to eat and drink as much since our heart rates were well below Zone 4.
  4. We finished faster overall.

But not being pushing so hard, we were able to skip 1 or 2 rest stops at a time, refilling water as necessary and eating while rolling. As compared to previous years, our stopped time was more than 90 minutes. This past weekend? 14 minutes only for the whole day.

By riding 2 MPH slower as a moving pace, we finished the ride over 30 minutes faster, and we have a much better ride.

Now to build that “slow pace” up to the original “fast pace”…