Hiatus can be a good thing

Sometimes, there can be too much of a good thing. For several year now, I have ridden during the summer months, and trained all through the winter and the spring. Usually in the autumn, I take it easy and go out for fun rides. After this past season though, I was ready for a break.

By “ready for a break” I really mean, ready to throw my bike off of a cliff. This past fall, I along side of my friends rode in the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo, in Harrisonburg, WV. This ride, as claimed, really is one of the most grueling rides in the US. A single day Gran Fondo that climbs over 10,000ft in the 100 miles, and over 8000 of those feet are in the middle 50 miles. At the end, I was cooked. Done. Done with cycling. Ready to call it a draw. I hung up my bike and settled in for a long winter nap.

New Years day came and I decided that my hiatus had to come to an end, so in 30 degree temperatures, I went out for a short ride. After 15 miles and 1500 feet of climbing, I wound my way back home feeling energized. So the next day I went out again for 20 miles of the same terrain. I am thinking about those rides, and how great they were.

I will go back out again, as soon as the snow clears, but not because I am training for the season, but because I love it. Being away from cycling for several months made me appreciate how much I miss it. So for that reason, I will be out there this winter. Be happy first, and the rest will follow.