Enthusiasm versus obsession

There is only a slight difference between enthusiasm and obsession. An obsession is defined by need where enthusiasm is fueled by desire. When it comes to cycling, it is difficult for me to draw the line.

I have been plagued by a lot of work for my job this week, and have been working long hours. That being the case, as well as a lot of work this weekend meant calling off any riding this weekend. The last thing I need is to get a phone call for work while I am riding and be several hours from being able to get back to a computer. That being said, I feel the pressure of not riding this week.

As I walk by the room I store my bike in, I hear this angel and the devil on my shoulders having the following argument:

Devil: You know you really should be out there on your bike today. 

Angel: But it is just one week off. You deserve some rest.

Devil: The weather is great outside. How often do you think about not being to ride when the weather is just right?

Angel: You would jeopardize your job just because we have some sun?

Devil: Not every ride has to be 100 miles. Just go out for a little while.

Angel: You have so many other things to do right now, including working.


This argument goes on and on. While I am sure I captured the argument correctly, I don’t know that I have the right roles. I will let them duke it out for now, but in the end, this is my week off. My time to just relax a little while I focus on work and obsess about the arrival of my new bike. 


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