I’m back, baby!

Apparently I wasn’t as far off the proverbial trail as I thought I was. After my renewed resolve from my last post, I did exactly as I said I would. I cut out all junk, from my diet, no more processed sugars, no soda at all (only water or tea), and removed gluten. I rode in to work (about 8 miles each way) several days last week. The result? Not (too) bad.

This past weekend in prep for the Gran Fondo Niagara, my friend Byron and I, along with Mike and Shawn rode a route we named the Bear Mountain Express. It rolls about 80 miles total with the turn around point at the top of Bear Mountain. With 8,000 of climbing over the 80 miles, we were all sufficiently wrung out. We had great weather the entire day, and no incidents (aside from a few turn arounds). Our speed was slower overall that I would have liked to have seen, but after taking so much time off, I was happy with the ride. I felt strong all day long. 

Tonight I rode a brief (30 minute) recovery ride, and tomorrow and Wednesday I will commute in on the bike. This weekend is the big event. I am as prepared as I am going to be at this point. 


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