Cycling Evangelism

If you love something, do it well and share it. I spent a lot of time on the bike, and a lot of that time either having fun or training hard. No matter what type of ride it is though, I look back at each and every ride and realize that I have never had a bad time on the bike. Sometimes it is cold, sometimes it is hot. It rains, it snows, it is windy. My legs hurt, I suffer up hills, I bonk. I get flat tires, I have had serious (enough) mechanical issues on the bike. I am still willing to say that any day on the bike is a good day.

I want to share that. Maybe cycling isn’t for everyone, I am not making that judgement call.  When friends talk to me about cycling though, the conversation often ends with them making the statement “I have to get my bike out of storage and go for a ride“. When they hear about my rides they shy away from saying things like “I want to ride with you“, but that isn’t what I want. There is plenty of time for me to go out alone and suffer. Sometimes I want to help others get in to cycling.  To understand that the bike doesn’t HAVE to be uncomfortable. That hard days can be good days.

This Sunday, we are going out with a group, some of who are new to cycling. I am über excited about this. Not because it will be a long ride (it won’t) and it won’t be difficult, but because I can share in some of the simple joys of cycling. I can share the feelings of freedom, of conquest, of comraderie, and of being on top of the world. I am looking forward to teaching about pacelines, high cadence, heart rate, calling out road hazards, and just having a good time.

It is easy to say “if others can see cycling the way I do, how could you not love it like I do?”. Cycling may not be for everyone, but giving it a fair shot means getting all of the help you can in the beginning. It means gettings help to understand the mechanics of what works and avoid some of the pitfalls that makes it frustrating.