NYC Citibike

If you are in the city, you will see them everywhere. Almost on every street corner, at most traffic lights and traveling with traffic, you can always spot the blue Citi Bike.  Today was the first time I have taken one. I had an appointment about 10 blocks away, and figured this was the perfect reason.

It was easy. Just swipe your keytag (if you are a yearly member), take the bike and go. I was at my destination in less time than if I had to take the subway or fight over hailing a cab. Dropping off the bike was just as easy. Just slide it in to an empty dock. Viola! 

As I said to someone earlier today… CitiBike is the best new way to get around NYC!


3 thoughts on “NYC Citibike

  1. Glad you had a good experience with NYC Citibike. The similar service here in Washington DC is “Capital Bikeshare,” and it has been such a success here over the last 2 years that they can’t keep their expansion ahead of the demand. As a suburbanite I’m not a member, but I see them all over the city. Less traffic, more physical fitness. How can that be bad?

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