car Everything that is good, requires support. Just as houses require a good foundation, and the roof requires solid walls, the same is true of cycling. I want to take the time to personally thank my girlfriend who has tirelessly supported my cycling efforts. She has been my “team car” both metaphorically and physically. While her car doesn’t closely resemble the one in this photo, her involvement feels like it.

Several of the rides this year had VERY early starts (around 4:30AM) and she drove us to the start line. She has made rice cakes for me on more than one occasion, she has brought extra water and food in the car and met me on a ride to be my own personal SAG wagon. She is even on a quest right now to help me find a place to buy more Beet Juice (the grocery store that normally delivers is out of stock). By far, the most important job she has done is to understand my obsessive nature when it comes to cycling. She knows and accepts that I have a ride almost every weekend, and even if I don’t have one planned, I will probably go out on the bike anyway. She understands that all of my rides are usually difficult, suffering, training rides for big events, and that being ready, being the best I can be is very important to me. She includes my cycling in our plans. She listens patiently as I describe things about cycling or about a particular ride. She knows what “bonking” means and how devastating it feels. In cycling, she is my team car, and she deserves a lot of credit for it. I could never be where I am today without her.


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