Renewed enthusiasm

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time watching terrible sitcoms on TV. One of these was the A-Team. Of course it was corny and silly, and at some point you can expect George Peppard to sit back with a cigar in his teeth and say “I love it when a plan comes together.”  This is the feeling that I want to have. Over the past several months, through all of the ups and downs (pun intended), nothing seemed to be in sync.

I lost weight in the beginning of the year in preparation for the big rides I was doing. Then I gained some of it back. I learned to eat better on the bike, and the secrets of beet juice, but I had already gained some of the weight back, so the benefits were offset. I started to get disheartened, feeling that it would always be a struggle and what was the point? All of the major rides for the year are behind me. Then it hit me. It doesn’t have to be a famous ride for it to be a great ride.

So now I am back on track! I am eating better, losing some of the weight again, and riding every day. This weekend I have a 100 mile ride planned in some of the hilliest terrain I can find in order to prep for the Harlem Valley Rail Ride. Last year we attempted this ride, and by the 70 mile mark, we were completely spent. We couldn’t climb that last mountain, so we cut the ride short. That night something amazing happened. As I was laying in bed drifting off to sleep, I felt like I was back on the bike climbing the hills. It was the same sensation you get when you are on a boat all day, and when you lay down you feel the waves. This was almost euphoric. I loved it. This year, we will finish the ride, but more importantly, all of my efforts (training, weigh loss, eating right, etc) will all come together in one place.

It doesn’t have to be a ride like the B2B to be a great ride. Sometimes those rides happen when you least expect them. Giving it your “all” both on and off the bike is what cycling is all about for me.


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