One week away…

With only one week between now and the HarpoonB2B ride, I am both nervous and excited. I am excited that I feel almost ready to take on this massive challenge. I have been training for it since January, so I have never been more ready. That being stated, I am nervous that I haven’t prepped enough. The winter and spring have been filled with some of the hardest riding I have done. I have put my heart and soul out there on the asphalt, dripped from the seat of my bike. I have spent countless hours obsessing over the cold and the rain, cooking rice cakes, filling water bottles, cleaning the bike, adjusting the derailleur, washing bib shorts, uploading my stats to Strava, and examining the courses.  I have fought off bronchitis, back pain, a bad head cold, sciatica (which may not be sciatica after all) to train for this ride.

HarpoonB2BNow, with only seven days away, like a nut case, I find myself pouring over the details of the ride. I am examining the hills in detail, looking at them on Google Street View, so I know what to expect. I am looking at the distances between the rest stops, finding gas stations and bike shops along the route and making a mental note of them. Most importantly though, I am mentally preparing for the ride. I think I am ready for it. My brother believes I am insane for doing this ride, especially voluntarily (as opposed to being under penalty of death or having a gun pointed at me). Perhaps he is right.

As with so many aspects of cycling, the lessons to be learned can be directly translated to life in general. Several years ago, I could never have attempted this. I pushed myself hard to be ready for a challenge like this that seems far out of my reach. I have grown as a person, as a cyclist in the process, and I will accomplish this goal. Life’s challenges that seem far out of reach just require more preparation and dedication than the easy ones. If everything was easy to reach, we wouldn’t strive, and in we wouldn’t learn in the process.


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