A new twist

In order to ride this weekend out to Montauk, by friend B is coming down to stay with me tonight and we will roll out together in the morning. (Is 4:30 considered morning or really just late the night before?) In order to get his bike to me, he is going to take the train in to the city with his bike and ride to my place. So I rode in to work this morning so that we can both ride out together. 

When I stepped out the door this morning, I was shocked by how warm it was. It should be evident from my blog entries so far that I have yet to ride in the heat this year. Based on how my leg has been feeling (worse than I would like), I made a conscious decision to take my time getting to work. I told myself to “dial it back“, don’t push too hard and just take your time.  I should have known myself better. The first few miles were as expected. I rolled down hill towards the major roads before turning West. I was making pretty good time, slowly turning over the giant gear of the single speed commuter bike. After a while, I got on Skillman Ave, which is a long gradual descent. I was able to time the lights perfectly and made it across Queens in just a few short minutes until I reached the bridge.

On the bridge, I sat back, relaxed and just took my time, following a large guy on a mountain bike with full suspension. I followed him about half way up the bridge.  The whole time it felt like I had a small child in my brain saying “Can we go fast now? Now? How about now? Can I pass him? Come on! Let me pass him! I won’t push too hard, I promise. Just a little faster. Please? How about now?…”  Eventually, I submitted to the inisistent voice in my head and pulled out the governor. I passed the guy in front of me, and the guy in front of him, and the next three people, etc.

Before I realized it, I was attacking the second half of the bridge. My heart rate is up, I am panting a little bit, but I am really sweating. I expected to see someone off my wheel, but when I looked back, I was all alone. I had dropped the small group I started the climb with.

My “slow and easy” commute has turned in to a race. I check my speed and time for the commute once I get to work, and I am a full mph faster on average that I have been on any other day doing the commute. So much for taking it easy!


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