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It feels like there isn’t enough time in the week to get everything done. I am not overstating a general fact, but instead conveying an obvious observation. Between life, commuting and the job to which I do, it feels like I have to plan out my time in days, not hours. I looked at my bike today, hanging on the wall in my apartment. It is still filthy from the last ride on the Gran Fondo in the pouring down rain. I have to clean it, get everything lubed and ready for another epic ride this coming weekend. 

Montagna 'dell OrsoI spent the weekend resting, hoping that the Prednisone and the muscle relaxers would clear up the Sciatica that has left me in agonizing pain. For the most part, the pain has gone. I still feel it though, enough to worry that it isn’t really gone, it’s just not as painful as it was. That being said, we had the nicest day of the year here. The cold rain finally broke on Sunday and Monday, with two incredible days of 75 degrees and bright blue skies.  Where was I? On the couch, resting. The rest of the week is supposed to be more rain followed by 90 degree heat. It appears that I have missed both days of spring.

More importantly than the weather though, this weekend will mark the longest ride I could have ever imagined.  Last year, on this ride, I achieved my first century. It was very flat, with all of the hills in the last six miles. I bonked. I epically just about fell off the bike. I had no more water, and needed food long before the last hour. I remember swaying on the bike going up the hills, wondering if I would fall in to the road or not. Somehow, I stayed upright and finished the ride. My buddy said to me “Next year, we go the whole distance, from Manhattan!”. I thought he was crazy. Perhaps I still do. On Saturday morning, at 5AM, we will embark on a 153 mile one-day ride. Still a very flat ride, but I am better prepared and a better cyclist. 

As an aside, I would recommend membership for anyone who is active (cyclist, runner, triathelete, etc) to get a membership to Active.com and ActiveAdvantage.com  Today I was in a free giveaway (first 5 entrants) to get an entry fee to the Ramapo Rally. I got in for free!  Not only does the site provide a lot of good information about activities in the area, but there are also hundreds of great articles about everything from training plan, to nutrition and recovery.  

To more good riding and a great season!


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