The commute…

BikeCommuteTwo weeks ago I rode to and from work. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it isn’t that far of a commute. In fact, it is only 7 miles, and with those few miles, it is all relatively flat. Here is how it shakes out…

Out the door and through some relatively residential streets (for this area, that is rare). Then on to a larger road with lights every 3 blocks and down a long hill. Across 8 lanes of the “Boulevard of death” and make a left. Some climbing to follow, then a nice bike path, some descending and then the bridge.  The bridge is the only real climb. It is about a hundred feet. Gently sloped and long going in to the city, steep and short coming home.  After the bridge, all bets are off. It is like trying to ride your bike inside a blender. The city streets of Manhattan are bad enough most of the time, add in the rush hour traffic the proximity to a bridge/tunnel and we are into full-on mayhem.  There is a bike lane. I swear there is. Cars and drivers don’t know or care though, and it becomes a fast paces game of “thread the needle” between cabs, trucks and buses. The only comfort here is that I am not alone. I am right on the wheel of some other commuter in front of me, and there is a long line of cyclist behind me.  After a few hectic blocks I am at work.

Two weeks ago I rode in, and somehow strained something in my back or my glutes. Much like last time, I felt it start to tighten and strain like an anchor line on a cargo ship. Somehow my time for the ride home was the fastest I have done, but I was laid out on my back for almost a week afterwards.  The commute will resume in a few weeks. I don’t want to chance hurting myself again before the Gran Fondo, the Ride to Montauk or the Harpoon B2B.


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