I said I wouldn’t do that…

When I started this blog, one of the things I told myself is that I would write. For better or for worse, I would continue to write. This wouldn’t be like a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym, where most people go for about six weeks and then you never see them again until they want to cancel their membership.  I WANT to write. I want to write about cycling. I want to share the experience of it, as best as I can using words. (OK, and maybe some pictures and/or videos)

After the battle with Bronchitis last month, training went back in to full swing. The following week, we rode 115 miles up and over Bear Mountain. It was my first time seeing it from a bike, and I was scared. I guess the training has paid off so far, because while it was a difficult 4.5 mile climb, it wasn’t terrible. We took our time, and talked the whole way up. We rounded a bend and were surprised that we had reached the top already.  A long day on the bike overall, but a great ride.

Then another disaster struck. Last week I was riding home from work (more about the commute via bike later) and my back started to hurt. The type of back pain you-know-will-be-a-problem-later kind of sore. By the time I got home it was dark out and I could hardly carry my bike up the stairs. The next day could best be described as excruciating pain. I could barely walk. My lower back had completely seized up and hurt to move even a little bit. Like an idiot with no sense I went to work anyway, and was performing a hobble/shuffle from my desk to my many meetings. The next morning I couldn’t walk at all.

That weekend I had to make the call that I wouldn’t be on the training ride. It was a difficult call to make, but I knew that in the long run, it would be best. Instead I offered my services to map out a difficult ride in my absence. Later it was quoted as “one of the hardest rides we have ever done” by those who rode it.

This week my back is feeling better. The muscles have relaxed and I can now feel that the source of the issue wasn’t my back at all, but a combination of my hips and my hamstrings. Stretching has helped that along in preperation for this week’s epic ride. We are planning for 140 miles, and about 11,000 ft of climbing. It will be a very long, difficult day. The Gran Fondo (110 miles, hilly) is only 2 weeks away now, the Montauk Ride (150 miles, flat) only 4 weeks away and the Harpoon B2B (150 miles, hilly) only 6 weeks away, this weekend is the last of the hard training rides until late June/July.  

More posts to follow. There is too much to update in a single post.


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