Excitement is building

It is now officially within the 45 day mark of the Gran Fondo NY. The nervousness has set in, the giddiness is wrapped around me like a shroud and I am set.  A lot can happen in 45 days. For some people, 45 days is a very long time. Many years ago I saw the movie “Super Size Me”. A movie about how a pure McDonalds diet would dramatically change your life in as little as 30 days for the worse.  The director Morgan Spurlock was so taken with the idea that 30 days of change in any way could have large consequences, he went on to direct a show called “30 Days“.

I am not down to the 30 day mark. I am at 45 days, I have an additional 2 weeks.  That is what I keep telling myself, but in my mind, I remember when the ticker on my PC desktop read “65 days”.

What has changed since I started this journey to be a better cyclist, to be more in shape, to train for the hardest season I have ever taken on? Well, quite a bit!

  1. I have lost weight.  Not quite the amount I wanted to lose to date, but enough to keep me encouraged. More importantly though, enough to help on the hills.
  2. I am eating better. I eat better foods, I read about eating better foods, and I eat them because they make me feel better, not just because some perscribed dietician said I should.
  3. I am in full-on training. Training rides over 100+ miles and 70 ft/mi of climbing this early is something that far exceeds anything I would have thought possible last year. Two large reasons for this are points one and two above.
  4. My stress levels are significantly lower.

I no longer feel trapped in my body, unable to break free from the routine. I used to feel the stress of life weighing on me like an anchor that I had to drag with me.  Cycling was my pressure release valve. I would ride to bring the stress from the red zone back to the green. Somewhere along the way, I started to love it like I did when I was a kid.

Last year I would have told you that my life was 100% improved from the previous year, with the removal of large amounts of negative energy from my life and building the foundation for a stronger, healthier “me”. I was amazed at all that I was able to accomplish. As much as I would never have thought it possible, this year is looking like another “100% improvement” from last year.


2 thoughts on “Excitement is building

  1. Funny how that works isn’t it? Keep it up!

    One thing though, about Mr. Spurlock… You are aware that he intended on making himself ill to prove a point? There are dozens of people who ate at the same place but mixed in some of the wiser choices and lost serious weight. Spurlock wanted to get fat and sick to sell more copies of his documentary.

    • Yes, I am aware of how Mr. Spurlock used “shock and awe” in his film to make an extreme example. Michael Moore is another fine example of selling “half truths” for the same goal. I am in no way providing him with the credit of enlightenment, but perhaps he did stumble upon an idea that I like. He was able to make radical change (for the worse) in 30 days.

      When I ponder that I have only 45 days left to the difficult beginning of my season, a little panic rises up inside of me, but hopefully, I will be able to make positive change in the remaining 45 days.

      Thanks for commenting!

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