Damn the cold!

Last weekend I was skiing at Lake Placid. Being such a cold winter, Adirondack skiing in March seemed like a perfect idea. Well, it was warm. It was actually so warm that skiing conditions by the second day were quickly deteriorating. It was in the high 40’s to mid 50’s. As I was pushing through slush on a particularly nasty mogul trail, I was thinking about cycling.

Here I was on a perfectly warm day, skiing. Last year I had exactly the same experience in Salt Lake City, UT, where it was 65 degrees at the base lodge and we were shooting up to 11,000ft above sea level just to find reasonable snow.

On my way home I was thinking that since it was such a nice weekend, and so warm, perhaps that meant that the cold is (for the most part) going away, to be replaced by warmer days. I honestly could use warmer days at this point.  I am tired of washing my thermal shirts every week. All of them. I am tired of my feet being cold on every ride. I am tired of wearing my balaclava.

There is something understated about riding in bib-shorts and a jersey.  The idea that even though you sweat from the heat and the hard work, you stay relatively dry.  The wind pushing past you keeps drying you off. When wearing layers of cold weather gear, invariably, when I shed the layers, they are all wet.

I want to wear my kits. I want to go out with less “stuff”. I am tired of the cold. But oh well, here’s to another 70 hilly training miles.


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