Sometimes the best way to reach a goal is to set a deadline. Not just a mental deadline, like a promise to yourself, but a real commitment. The kind of thing that you can’t get out of. Last night I signed up for the Gran Fondo NY on May 19th. Now I am scared.

Last year at the end of the season I rode my first Gran Fondo in Pennsylvania, the Fall Classic put on by Bicycling Magazine. It was the hardest ride I have ever done. While I did finish the ride, after 8.5 hours on the bike, I rolled over the finish line as they were closing down the event and putting everything away.  I would categorize that as “survived”, but only barely.

The Gran Fondo NY is similar to the Fall Classic. A little longer (110 miles versus 90) but the hills are the same. The difference is that this year I will weigh less, have the asthma under control and be a better rider. But it is still a hard deadline that I have to make. I am committed to it.  


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