Winter sucks!

Riding in the ColdAfter our epic blizzard last weekend, it seemed like the perfect time to go skiing. Skiing is a great crossover sport for cycling as they use the same muscle groups in the same ways. Going down a double black diamond requires concentration to move both feet in circles without applying too much pressure in any single spot, else a tumble (head first) is imminent.

This week isn’t looking great for skiing though. I rarely ski on weekends due to crowding on the slopes and lift lines. I stay especially far from the slopes on President’s Day weekend.  It is the mecca for first time and family skiers. So what to do?  RIDE!!!!

I have a 50+ mile jaunt out with the local club planned for Monday. Should be a reasonably slower pace (15mph perhaps) and reasonably flat.  It will fit right in line with some of the starting rides for the winter training (50 miles at about 40 ft/mi of elevation climb). Hopefully with the additional weight loss, I will notice a difference on the hills.

The down side? The temperature today is in the 50’s. Monday? A high of 35. Ugh. If only I had ridden TODAY. Winter training hurts. I am sure I will appreciate the comfortable spring and fall days, and somehow find fond memories of slogging through sub-30 degree morning rides.


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