Champing at the bit

An interesting saying “Champing at the bit”. I understand the general reference, coming from a horse’s bit in its mouth. But if a horse champs at the bit, does that mean that the horse is anxious to go? What would a horse’s term be about people be? Quick on the reins? Well, in any case, I feel like I am ‘champing at the bit’, a bit.

The Harpoon B2B ride still has only a date, and no registration as of yet. I am anxious to get this on the calendar formally. I keep checking their site every day or two. What is it? Well, if you haven’t gleaned it from clicking on the link (or if you haven’t clicked on the link because you have digital xenophobia), the Harpoon B2B ride is a single day event from Boston, MA to Windsor, VT.  There are 146 hilly miles to be covered that track close to 8,000 ft of elevation climb. To see the ride profile, click here. Their motto is “Ride 146 miles for a Harpoon”. Good enough for me. I have ridden 50 miles for a blueberry muffin before.

But that’s not all! I am also anxious about getting the weight down (I know, enough talking about that at this point) and about the rest of the year of riding in general. Since the temperatures outside are frigid though, instead I will work my quads skiing, perhaps for 3 days this weekend.  It is ironic that I ski down the same mountains that I bike up and over.  I almost want the winter to be over so I can spend more time on the bike outside.  There is something necessary, relaxing and mentally rewarding about being on the bike. When I have a really difficult ride, one that really pushed my heart rate to Zone 5 on my heart rate monitor for much of the ride; one that makes my legs ache from exhaustion, my mind is exceptionally clear.  That is what I am looking forward to again.


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