Spring Training, part deux

winter-cyclistsAfter investigating several camp options, and trying to fit them in to holes in my ever-busy work schedule, I have conceded that camp just won’t be possible.  I then spoke to a woman about personal coaching. The idea actually appealed to me.  The problem though, is being me, I don’t have a normal sense of “reasonable” when it comes to things I want, and tend to be short-sighted.

The coaching program works like this: Your coach is somewhere else. He emails you a ride to do, you upload your ride data back to him. You get only several allowed email exchanges and one online meeting a month.  All of this for about $200. Now, in my head, I am equating the $200 per month with the gains I am SURE I would see from having someone tell me to ride harder, longer or intervals. Having said that all out loud, I now understand why people look at me like I am crazy when I explain it.

Ok, so scrap the camp idea, and scrap the coaching. Last year I was a part of a group in the local cycle club that did a 10 week spring program on Saturdays that had progressively harder and longer routes. You start out at some pace, like 16mph over 40 miles that are not very hilly and by week 10 you are riding 100 hilly miles at 18mph.  I am going to do that, but on my own. Over the course of 12 weeks, start riding at around 50 miles, with 40 ft/mi elevation gain. At week 12 or so, 150 miles with 80 ft/mi elevation gain. Tracking that back from my ride goal (which is the middle of May) I am starting in just a few weeks.

I am glad about the weight loss, and as long as I don’t throw my back out again, I should be able to ride the TDF bike from now until then, shedding pounds and gaining lean muscle.


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