Spring Training

In my first post I briefly mentioned going to a spring training camp. I am seriously considering going to The Cycling Camp San Diego, which has a camp in Virginia.  The Virginia location will seriously help reduce the overall cost of the trip. All-in, the trip should cost less than $1,000 ($600 for the camp, $250 for hotel, $200 for meals, pocket-money, etc).  The hard part will be the timing of the event. The camp is scheduled for the first week in April, which is just days before a big project roll out here at work that I will be very involved in. I don’t want to waste the money on the camp and either not get to go, or have to work while I am there. My time to work will be very limited, especially since I hope to be on the bike for the majority of the time.

On the other hand, I could choose to cough up the money to fly and go to the camp in San Diego. The cost will be significantly more (perhaps as much as $500 – $800 more in fact). The timing would work out better in the San Diego camp, and I would be less likely to lose the money.  Alternately, I could look for a different camp company all together.  So many choices.


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