Enough already!

Lance Armstrong mesmerised Oprah Winfrey during admission interview — video     People love heroes. That is why we watch movies, read books and fables about people we admire, people we look up to. One thing that people love more than heroes though, is gossip, scandals, and the fall of the great ones. It humanizes our role models and lets us believe that we aren’t actually so different from them.

I am no different from everyone else really.  When the story broke about Lance admitting to doping, I was vaguely interested. It seemed reasonable that eventually, if enough pressure was put on him to admit it, and enough evidence came to light, that he would admit to it. Denying the charges after they have been filed doesn’t serve him in any way other than making him look like a fool.


That is that. Really. Do we have to keep talking about it? I read Bicycling magazine both in print as well as on their site, I read Paved magazine, and I have recently discovered that I can get podcasts on my cool Windows phone. It seems that everywhere I turn, the story du jour is “Lance”. There is a 3 page article in Bicycling magazine on Lance, and there has been a 3-5 page article about Lance for the past 3 months. The forums are blown up with it. When I signed up for the podcast, the latest episode is all about Lance.

Enough.  Seriously.  Who cares at this point? Why do we have to keep talking about it?  Yes, Lance cheated. He is a good liar and a better cheater. Done. Put it to bed. There are better things to talk about. My greatest desire at this point is to talk about REAL cycling and not about why one person got away with cheating and whether or not he deserves specific punishments.

I hope this is my last and only post where I type the letters “L-A-N-C-E”. But like all fallen heroes, I think this isn’t the end.  One thing that people love better than anything else, is the comeback. For now, I hope that is a long way away.


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